The unique floating system for the upright dispensing of cask ales

The Worrall Community Association

The Worrall Community Association chose the CaskWidge System for their charity festival - The Worrall Folk and Ale Festival 2010


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The reason we chose to use the CaskWidge system was a combination of the small amount of space we had for the amount of beers we were serving (eight different ales and on average two of each). We had to fit 16 casks in our kitchen/temporary bar. Using the traditional racks would have taken up too much room and because this is an annual event the racks would have to be stored somewhere for the rest of the year, with limited storage space this would have been a challenge!

The second reason we chose to use the CaskWidge System was the ease at which it can be used. Apart from me, very few of the volunteers for the weekend knew how to manage ales or tap and change them. Therefore with your system being so easy to use we decided it would be the best way of doing things...............

It was simple to train the staff in using the CaskWidge System and meant that I did not need to be behind the bar all the time in-case one of the casks ran out.

The third reason that we chose to use the Cask Widge system was the lack of wastage. The Worrall Community Association which put on the Festival do so to raise money to put back into the Community through other activities. Therefore by reducing the wastage we are able to increase the profits.

It has been fantastic to use and we will continue to use it for many years to come! Well worth the money and would encourage others to use the system as it doesn't disappoint!

Thanks from all at Worrall Folk and Ale!

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