The unique floating system for the upright dispensing of cask ales

General Questions

  • Wondering whether the cask widge system is able to be used in conjunction with a cask breather?

    Some of our customers connect 'cask breathers' to the end of the Black Venting Tap using the small tube supplied.  They also connect Co2 at this point using a hose reducer to connect to the Co2 pipe line.

    Shelf life of cask ale is only 2-4 days. To get the best results use a clean soft peg/spiel and clean float at each cask change over and turn the Black Venting Tap Wings to the off position at the end of each session and at night. Soft pegs are available on the Accessories page in bags of 50.

  • Why do we need to put the white washers in the connectors?

    It is very important that you insert the  Washers into the Pipe Connector and the Shut Off Cap when you first install your CaskWidge System. Without the Washers in place the system may not be air-tight and may draw air in at this connection, possibly causing fobbing at the pump. Thereafter check the Washers are still in place following disconnection from the cask for cask change-overs and after reassembly following your weekly cleaning routine.

  • What should we clean our CaskWidge with, can we use beerline cleaner?

    We would highly recommend you use a non-caustic approved sanitizer e.g Johnson D10 or Milton and follow the manufacturers instructions.

    It is not advisable to use Caustic beer/pipe line cleaners because they are not recommended as a manual cleaning solution due to the healthy and safety issues.  You should not soak your equipment in any cleaning solution as this may have an effect on the longevity of the equipment. Ideally after cleaning, rinse and store dry.

    Refrain from using the float to draw beerline cleaner through the pipes. We recommend that you disconnect at the grey pipe connector. Keep an eye that the red washers stay in place.

    Full User and Cleaning instruction are sent with your order and the Tutorial Videos are available on the Support page of the website.

    Alternatively you can download sheet copies from the Support Page-Technical Documents-CaskWidge Cleaning Guide.pdf.

  • What clearance above the cask would I need if I decide to put a 9 gallon cask under the pub counter, as I do not have room in my cellar?

    The CaskWidge needs a minimum of 12-14cm clearance.

    We would recommend that you tap the cask, release the initial pressure and then insert the Float connected to the Black ‘T’ Piece with a Shut Off Cap on each end. Place into the serving position and open the venting tap wings, condition for the recommended amount of time, instructed by the Brewer. 

    You will also need to arrange some type of cooling system as real ale needs to be served between 11-13 degrees.

  • My system was working well, but now seems to be drawing in some air?

    Please check that the Red Washers have not fallen out of the Pipe Connectors when they have been unscrewed from the 'T' of 'L' Piece. Without the Washers in place the system may not be air-tight and may draw air in at this connection, possibly causing fobbing at the pump.

    Also check that the Washer is also in place, at all times, in the Shut Off Cap on the other end of Black 'T' Piece, if you are using the old version (pre2011).

  • I was just wondering whats the difference between a cask widge kit for 9-11 g casks and 18-22 g casks?

    The only difference is the length of the silicon tubing, it is longer for the 18gal at 75cm, 9gal cask tube is supplied at 57.5cm, Pin cask tube is supplied at 44cm.

    The rest of the kit is the same for all sizes.

  • I am not sure what to order? What equipment do you recommend?

    As a general rule - . New customers are recommended to order 1 x Dual Kit (to suit cask size required) per beer engine/hand pull.

    A Dual CaskWidge Kit will enable you to have one cask online serving beer and a second cask tapped and vented/conditioning, waiting for the next cask change over.

    In addition we would highly recommend that you have a Cleaning Kit comprising of 3 specifically designed brushes. You can view the Cleaning Guide video on the Support page.

    It is also recommended that you remove the dirty Float and put on a clean Float at each cask change over; this will reduce the chance of cross contamination. Floats can be ordered separately.

    Finally, we would recommend that you have a CaskWidge Clarity Taste Sampler. This is a great addition to the CaskWidge System which will enable you to take Clarity and Taste samples at source, especially during the conditioning process to produce optimum quality. Eliminating the need to take a sample at the pump and wasting the beer that is in the lines if it is not ready.

  • Do you sell Floats for Pins?

    Yes, we have a Clear Headed float that is supplied with silicon tubing that is suitable for a 4.5gal Pin cask and can be cut down slightly if nesessary to increase yield results. For further information see the Support page - Technical Documents - CaskWidge Float Information sheet where you can download the information at your convenience.  Recommended length for Pins is now coming in at about 44cm for the tube not including the Float Head. If you decide to trim down an existing Float tube, please remember not to use it in a 9gallon after as you will get excessive wastage. Differentiate the Float Head to avoid confusion.

    We also sell separate pieces of the FDA approved Silicon Tubing - Please visit the CaskWidge Shop - Accessories Page.

  • Do we have to buy the whole Float if we lose the Float Head?

    No, the Float Heads and Float Tube are available as separate parts on to the CaskWidge shop.

    If you can feel any resistance when removing the float, knock the Cask Tap further down to clear the obstruction. The keysone may not have fallen away completely and is hinged a some point. twist to remove. DO NOT PULL.

  • Can you use an 18gal Black Headed Float in a 9gal cask?

    You can 'physically' use an 18gal float in a 9gal but the extra length of tube can sometimes curl down and it may touch the sediment causing disturbance and cloudy beer, which may affect your wastage.


    To get the best results and yields we would not advise the 18 gal float to be used in a 9gal cask. If you do need to swap between cask sizes you only have to remove one float and put on a different size, a 10 second job.


    The floats are sold separately so you don't need to purchase a whole kit.

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